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You Can Be So Much More Than You Ever Dreamt Of!

You Can Have So Much More Happiness Than You Ever Thought Was Possible! 

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"The dating game is a cutthroat industry that could best be compared to navigating a minefield. More often than not, one finds that in the elusive search for that Prince Charming, one is left kissing a bucket full of frogs before finding the perfect partner. This has left most people either settling for anyone they find or simply giving up altogether. Both of these options often end with disastrous consequences. What if there was a way that we could sift through the plethora of available options to find that perfect match? Demi Eliana Paterson may just have the answer. Years of picking select nuggets of wisdom from the people she interacted with over time create a vast trove of priceless knowledge on this interesting topic in the ultimate manual here to help you find the one! Read The One: How to Meet and Choose your Ideal Partner and be enlightened in ways you never expected.
Demi Eliana Paterson takes the conventional dating playbook and shreds it completely. Whatever you think you know about the opposite sex is about to get turned on its head and the best part about this is her facts have been hiding in plain sight. I know this was written with women in mind but any man who gets his hands on this treasure will be the better for it. From the choice of your circle of friends, right up to challenging the three-day waiting rule, Paterson's analysis is technically sound and spot on. She does not mince words in any situation and the icing on the cake is the narration of her personal experiences to give us a sense of balance as she explains herself. For want of a better word, to use this guide is like having lightning in a bottle. The art of finding companionship will never be the same again after finishing The One."

Reviewed by Essien Asian for Readers' Favorite


I'm Demi

Confident Happy Women is for people that want to be happier, more positive and have better relationships. I have taught people (mostly women) for many years.

I hear their struggles, mostly in their relationships (or lack thereof) and it saddens me to see these beautiful women not realise their value.


My life's work has been showing people that they can achieve anything, be anything and have everything. There is nothing more powerful than desire and I teach you how to tap in to that desire to create the life you want.

You can be so much more than you ever dreamed of. You can have so much more happiness than you thought was possible. It starts with you and your mindset. I am here to listen and to empower you.

Happy Girl

What It's All About!

Relationship Topics

Are you championing your relationship?

What am I doing wrong? Or why can’t I meet a decent guy!

How do I get what I am looking for in a partner?

Getting that ring! Or how to show a man that commitment is a good thing!

How do I go after my dreams?

Being the best version of you/ know your worth.

How to be truly happy.

How we can champion each other to succeed.

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