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Hi! I'm Demi, and I believe in championing Women.

Confident Happy Women is for people that want to be happier, more positive and have better relationships. I have taught people (mostly women) for many years.

I hear their struggles, mostly in their relationships (or lack thereof) and it saddens me to see these beautiful women not realise their value.


My life's work has been showing people that they can achieve anything, be anything and have everything. There is nothing more powerful than desire and I teach you how to tap in to that desire to create the life you want.

You can be so much more than you ever dreamed of. You can have so much more happiness than you thought was possible. It starts with you and your mindset. I am here to listen and to empower you.

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“Great presenter! Confident, clear and succinct. Best of all, she’s a lovely lady with a big heart who wants to make the world a better place. If you are looking for a speaker, she is the one!"

Usha Raman

“Such a pleasure to hear Demi speak. I immediately know what she was saying, came straight from the heart! I feel ever so privileged to have connected with her beautiful soul. She is a true inspiration! "

Vanessa Nock

Demi Paterson is passionate about empowering women to find the confidence and build healthy relationships. With years of experience in business she speaks from her life experiences on all things confidence related.

Yogita Ridgley

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