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Are You Championing Your Relationship?

The height of summer is hot, real hot in Greece, so when I could hear a lady getting agitated with her husband at the airport, I wasn’t surprised, I thought she’s hot and irritable. Her nagging stood out for several reasons, one, because she had an Australian accent so of course I paid attention but two, because half an hour later, she was still at him!

As it turned out, the family sat next to us outside trying to get some reprieve from the heat. The lady continued to rubbish her husband in front of their sons about how ineffectual he had been in making their flight bookings.

Honestly I’ve never felt so sorry for a partner like I did that day. Talk about emasculating a man. Now we are all guilty of nagging (both men and women) however the way she made him feel in front of his kids and fellow travellers was to me unacceptable. Does she honestly think that his love for her grew in that situation? It’s easy to show love when everything is going smoothly however when we are being inconvenienced or when the shit hits our finances fan, that’s when respect to our partner is essential, that is when they need it most. That is the time to show, hey things aren’t going so great right now but I’ve got you. We all make mistakes, (believe me he will never make their travel arrangements again), but showing love with our words and actions at a stressful time is like a cold breeze on a hot Santorini day.

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