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  • Demi Paterson

Deal Breakers

I just read a post from a girl who was very upset that her boyfriend snuck chicken in her meal, where I would have thought that's great, the more chicken the better! This poor girl was in tears about it, you see she is a vegan. Her comments were that 'he thinks it's funny so he does not respect me.'

In our journey of self discovery, we make unspoken rules of what we can put up with in a relationship and what we can't however are we looking for perfection? The girls / women I speak to have so many boxes that a man has to tick that it is nearly impossible for them to find a mate. Be honest with yourself about who you are and what you need out of a relationship. (This is called a personality needs type test). Have standards, have ethics do not disrespect yourself or allow anyone else to disrespect you however do not expect perfection because friends, no one is perfect. Outline your deal breakers early in the relationship, but please don't have so many that they stop you from finding true happiness.

Keep enjoying great things, Demi.x

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