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  • Demi Paterson

Successful Women

I read a book a few years ago about how so many successful women are lonely and as difficult as it was for me to admit at the time, if I was honest it certainly was true at least in my case. This book (act like a lady think like a man) went on to say so many of us are so used to being the directors of our own company or busy business women that we have forgotten how to be feminine and let the man sometimes take the lead.

Friends, please do not think you are losing your power, there is nothing wrong with letting a man feel that you need him. There is a big difference between making a man feel wanted and making him feel like you are a noose around his neck.

Let your femininity show, it is not a weakness. The result in your love life will be extraordinary, I promise you.

Keep enjoying great things,

Love Demi.xx

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